Advocates 4 Freedom

Our Mission: Advocates 4 Freedom is a privately funded nonprofit established in 2018 with the specific purpose to find, assist, and support victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Our Vision: Advocates 4 Freedom’s long term goal is to provide survivors in the El Paso area with quality facilities focused on long-term, holistic, survivor-led, trauma-informed recovery. 

WE SEEK to find, assist, and support victims and survivors of human trafficking.

WE CURRENTLY provide long term non-residential aftercare for survivors of human trafficking and their children.

WE WILL provide long term residential aftercare for survivors and their children. Survivors will receive job skill training and support services to be able to recover their lives and thrive.

Why Advocates 4 Freedom?


friends, partners, mentors, advocates


safe and confidential



practical, tangible support



connection to resources


help with setting and achieving goals


pace and comfort level

“At any given moment you have the POWER to say this is NOT how the story is going to end.”

– Christine Mason Miller

A21 Can You See Me?
Sex Trafficking with a Taxi


Millions of American drink coffee every day. By choosing to purchase YOUR coffee through Fight Coffee, you can financially support Advocates 4 Freedom and survivors of human trafficking in El Paso!

Based out of New York, 100% of Fight Coffee’s profits are donated to anti trafficking organizations around the United States. When you make your purchase, be sure to select Advocates 4 Freedom as the organization you wish to support!

To learn more about Fight Coffee and to make a purchase visit their website at

Get Involved: August Activities

August 28
8:00 – 9:00 am

Crestmont Park, Chermont Drive 79912


While we strive against human trafficking in El Paso, let’s not forget to come together in prayer!

Join us for an hour of prayer @ the park!
The kids can play while we pray!

Remove everything on the info side and insert this: In 2021 we have hosted several local anti-trafficking experts during our Let’s Talk online discussions, including Raquel Rodriguez from Paso del Norte Center of Hope, Hope Miller, Lead SANE Nurse at UMC, Amy Monsivais, El Paso County Attorney, and Pastor Jimmy Salas, Abundant Church. We look forward to more excellent and educational conversations this fall. We’ll update you soon!

It has never been easier to get involved in the fight against human trafficking! Join us once a month as we educate the public on human trafficking through our awareness signs. This activity has been extremely fruitful with community members stopping to ask how to join the fight against human trafficking, to people who have been touched by trafficking stopping to ask questions and seek support. Join us and be a part of the solution! An educated community is a safe community! We will be posting more dates and times soon!

In May we met with Councilman Peter Svarzbein, along with a few members of the EPPD. We had a great conversation on focus for improvements in the El Paso community, as well as efforts to combat human trafficking.

We are currently pursuing an appointment date in August with the next local council person. We will keep you updated as we continue to raise awareness and seek conversations with influential members of our community.

Save The Date


October 16, 2021

(details coming soon!)


victims of human trafficking at any given time in Texas

victims of labor trafficking in Texas at any given time

victims of youth and minor sex trafficking in Texas at any given time