Get connected with human trafficking awareness and education!

Advocates 4 Freedom is committed to advocacy, shelter, and support for survivors of human trafficking. Our vision is to open a long term residential aftercare facility in El Paso.

In our Abundant Group, you’ll have a variety of opportunities to get involved in local anti-human trafficking efforts. Our monthly activities will vary and may include things such as: community awareness opportunities, outreach to local sites, human trafficking education with local experts, team building, nonprofit growth, fundraisers, and more!

Human trafficking statistics are staggering:

– There are millions of slaves in the world today. More than ever before in human history.
– 1% of victims are ever rescued.
– Human Trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, generating more than $150 billion USD every year.

We have to break the silence! We have to talk about it, open our eyes, lift our heads up, recognize the suffering in those around us, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, reach out and HELP!